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The tourism industry was one of the sectors hardest hit by Covid-19, as a result of this fact many people decide not to travel by plane during a pandemic generating: closed borders, lockdowns everywhere and the shutting down of shops, bars and restaurants have us thinking about traveling as an activity from a distant era. However, as progressive openings occur and a ‘new normal’ starts to take place, this sector looks for a way to keep on working in compliance with health regulations. In this article, we tell you about the best tips for air travel by plane during a pandemic and what you should bear in mind to make it safe.


Nearby Destinations

This is undoubtedly the time for domestic tourism. Among its advantages are the short traveling distances, the knowledge of the sanitary measures, and the lack of complex requirements. Additionally, and considering the current economic crisis, visiting nearby destinations is affordable and low budget.


Outdoor Activities

After we have reached the destination, what should we do? Nature and outdoor activities are the best options to avoid closed spaces, which involve a greater risk of infection. Keep in mind that, even outdoors, all the precautionary measures must be taken


Special Offers and Flexible Reservations

As a response to the industry’s stagnation, governments from different countries are launching reactivation plans, and tourism operators are offering special deals on vacation packages, tours, and tickets. Also, and due to the low level of demand, there is no need to make reservations a long time in advance, which may inspire more people to take on weekend getaways.


Travel Insurance

The unforeseen consequences of the pandemic have exposed the importance of getting high-quality travel insurance. In addition to the fact that many countries have set it as a requirement for visitors, travel insurance is your best tool to face any unexpected situation, so make sure to take it out before going on a vacation.  


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