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Why have business insurance? The answer is simple, times of economic crisis often stimulate the appearance of business ventures, since most companies stop hiring and the demand for employment increases. Many people decide to invest their savings in starting a business of their own, usually taking into account their interests and passions, whether it be baking, designing furniture or selling technology products. 

We know that people put their best hopes in this type of decisions. In this article, we tell you why insurance is essential when starting your business and planning your future.


  1. Avoiding financial surprises: Business Insurance will back you up in times of crisis, allowing you to avoid the unexpected expenditure of large sums of money. If an unforeseen incident occurs, the insurer will cover the damages and support you during tough times.  


  1. Protecting your assets: If you invested in furniture or machinery, Business Insurance will allow you to rest easy, knowing that, whatever happens, your working capital will be ready to go on.


  1. Building trust: Business Insurance presents a two-fold advantage: it provides peace of mind to you and your customers and business partners, as well. It improves your professional profile and offers a clearer projection of your business. 


  1. Civil liability: If an accident or unforeseen event takes place within your business premises, you will be held responsible. Hiring Business Insurance will keep these worries away. 


  1. Tailor-made coverage: Every business sector has its particular needs. The possibility of adapting insurance coverage to the style and way of working of each entrepreneur is vital to provide appropriate assistance. Also, additional coverage may be given to include different risks to which your business is exposed. That is why having a financial advisor who can give you a comprehensive service and look after your interests is essential. 


To sum up, hiring insurance for your business is a real and convenient way to protect the time and money you invested in it, and to stay on the path of professional growth. Supra works with the most recognized insurance companies in the market and offers a network of highly trained professionals specialized in the pursuance of your well-being and the protection of what you achieved through hard work. 


We take great pride in the constant increase in the number of companies, large and small, that choose us to take care of their business. Write to us and one of our advisors will put together a plan that suits your needs.

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