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Buying travel insurance is the best way to be prepared for any eventuality and is always worthwhile.


Since the pandemic started, many countries have made travel insurance an entry requirement. Nevertheless, there are many other reasons to obtain insurance when traveling abroad. Some difficult situations, such as accidents, cancellations, or luggage loss, among others, may arise. You should also bear in mind that medical bills could be quite costly in some countries.


Our recommendations

Purchase travel insurance that provides comprehensive health coverage and offers a worldwide network of providers, including 24/7 attention in your mother tongue. Coverage for evacuations and repatriation is especially important in case of hospitalization or death of a family member. Obtaining coverage for trip cancellations or interruptions that may occur due to diverse circumstances -such as health issues, job dismissal, or other extreme situations- is also essential.

Adequate travel insurance should include telephone support for medical and legal issues, and a 24-hour telephone line for assistance.

Make sure that the policy does not state any copayment, deductible, or advance premiums.


The essentials

Medical insurance: Pay special attention to the sum insured and to possible restrictions worldwide. Verify that your policy includes a broad network of providers, the possibility to choose between medical facilities and coverage for Covid-19 and any pre-existing conditions.

Round-the-clock assistance: Travel insurance should include personalized 24/7 assistance, and legal and medical orientation in your native language. It should not require any copayments, deductibles, or premium payments.

Protection: Confirm that you will be covered for lost or stolen luggage, expenses incurred due to delays, or trip interruption or cancellation.


War zones

Given the current situation, keep in mind that not even the best travel insurance policies will offer coverage in war zones, or for the cancellation of trips to any neighboring or bordering destinations.


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