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Restrictive measures change every day. When deciding on whether or not to go on a trip, this uncertainty is a crucial element. However, a great number of travelers are determined to embark on new adventures. If you are one of them or have not made your mind yet, keep reading to find useful advice that will help you to travel in 2021, enjoy yourself and protect your investment.


1- Be flexible. Sudden changes are likely to happen because of the growing number of infections. To tackle this issue, airlines are offering a variety of deals and discounts, and tickets without cancellation or change fees. If you are not tied to a specific date, this is a great opportunity to find good flight deals.


2- Check the cancellation policies. While buying your tickets, a detail of the available refunds will probably be displayed. Refunds may be awarded in cash or as credit balance for future flights. If so, pay attention to the expiration date, and check for any limitation on the rescheduling dates.

Regarding lodging, many travel agencies allow full reservation refunds, even for cancellations that occur close to the date of arrival. Hotels and rental services like Airbnb are also offering changes and cancellations without additional fees. It is all about conducting a good search!


3- Make good use of your miles and points. Have you accumulated frequent flyer miles or points? Take advantage of them. Airlines offer cancellations that do not affect this benefit, allowing you to avoid using cash. It is believed that, once that traveling returns to normal, the number of points and miles required to book a flight or a hotel will increase, reducing their value.



4- Protect your investment by paying with a credit card. Using your credit card keeps you protected if any of the companies involved in your trip declares bankruptcy. You will have a better chance of getting your money back. If such an event takes place, contact the issuer of your card to ask for a refund.


5- Check your insurance coverage. In this context, being aware of what is and is not covered by your insurance policy is crucial. Pay special attention to the coverage for eventualities related to Covid-19.


Remember that our financial advisors are available to help you find the ideal insurance to protect your travel investment in 2021. Write to us and travel knowing that Supra takes care of you.

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