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Either due to the pandemic, by choice of the company or by being a freelance; the effective home office is a trend that is here to stay. Not only does it lower the costs -of the employer’s office and the employee’s travel expenses-, but it is also an opportunity to work for or from other parts of the world, expanding your possibilities.

According to a survey conducted by Raconteur, following the compulsory lockdown public’s perception of remote work has changed, and there has been an increase in the number of employees that choose it as their permanent way of working or to alternate between working from home and at the office. Up to 86 percent of the surveyed agreed on that they would prefer to continue with the ongoing dynamic after the pandemic ends.

But an efficient organization and some particular measures are necessary to succeed in remote working. Today, in Supra World we offer you some advice to boost your productivity when working from home.


Set Schedules

Avoid temptations such as staying up late watching TV, snoozing your alarm, or taking excessively long breaks. Establish a routine that includes the hours of sleep needed and your daily activities (sports, paperwork, hobbies), but set a schedule for work and stick to it.


Your Home and You, as in the Office

Before sitting down to work, get yourself and your place ready. The golden rule of every effective home office worker: do not stay in your pajamas. It may not seem significant but getting dressed will help you to stay focused on your tasks. Setting a working space is another great idea.


Take Breaks

Working from home does not mean that you have to be on screen all day long. After completing a task, get up from your chair, make yourself some tea, open the windows and take a deep breath, or take on an activity that distracts you from work for a while. Leave the house and go for a walk at least once a day.


End Your Workday

After your daily tasks are completed and your work schedule is over, call it a day. Stop answering emails and avoid getting on with future tasks or staying on screen. Turn off your computer -even for a short time- and do something pleasant to let your body know that it is time to relax.

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