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Every financial advisor wants to be the best. But what can they do to become the best, and to be recognized by their clients as such?


A recent study revealed that top advisors share some common characteristics. Even though individual aptitudes are personal, some attributes can be put into practice to improve their performance and achieve professional growth.

The areas where best advisors closely align are connections, boldness, resiliency, goal-setting, and intrinsic motivation.



Connecting with clients is a key factor. Taking note of the small events that families consider important on a personal or professional level and being available for issues that do not fall within the business relationship can make a difference. This helps build lasting relationships based on effective communication and active listening. Intentionally connecting and showing genuine interest in their clients’ and colleagues’ financial wellness is key to their business. Also, advisors feel that helping colleagues and clients grow helps them to grow and improve themselves. That is why they stay alert and ready to assist their clients and offer solutions.


Most top advisors create their own path and enjoy facing new challenges and taking risks. Following the classic approach to the business might be an easier way to obtain the desired results, but they do not feel comfortable by the traditional patterns. They are bold and are not willing to abandon their goals and values – another main attribute of these advisors. Instead of following the path set by others, they create their own, aligned with their values and goals.


Advisors often face setbacks, obstacles, and unexpected events: situations where resilience can make a difference with other colleagues. They will keep on working on their clients’ needs to revert or improve positions, regardless of the results. The best advisors show a can-do mentality and have the certainty that they will be able to deal with every inconvenience. They are ready to deal with setbacks on their own, not depending on others. The vast majority of advisors believe that luck is where preparation meets opportunity.


Another attribute of the best financial advisors is goal-setting, either daily, weekly or monthly. These goals are kept in mind while carrying out their activities. Only half of the advisors who set their goals stick to them and consider them a priority to achieve success. Setting, documenting, articulating, and accomplishing their own goals leads to better performance, confidence, and autonomy. Clearly setting their goals will help them drive business outcomes.

Intrinsic motivation

Top advisors’ motivation usually arises from their own activities. They feel that their work is relevant and purposeful since it has a positive impact on their clients’ lives. They usually have intrinsic motivation, as they are promoters of their clients’ well-being. In this aspect, many advisors are motivated from within, in association with factors related to their personality and work, as opposed to extrinsic, external factors. Being a little bold, accomplishing their goals, overcoming possible setbacks, and connecting with their clients’ needs can be a huge motivation for their professional growth.


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