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The New Year is the perfect time to think about our goals and what we can do to reach them. 2020 was a year of uncertainty, but now we know that the new normal has come to stay. Continue reading to learn how to plan and achieve your goals in 2021. 


1- Take the time necessary. Understanding that any time spent on this task is time saved in the future is essential. Save a day that is free from other tasks and distractions. Use it exclusively to define your goals and how to achieve them. One day to plan, 364 to act! 

2- Set goals that motivate you. Setting your objectives takes effort and work, but it also involves your dreams and wishes. That is the spark that starts the engine, so go after what you want.


3- Cover every area. Visualize goals for your personal, professional, and academic life. You are not your job or your degree: you are a multifaceted human being. Consider every aspect of your life to find a better balance. Take good care of yourself and other areas of your life will flourish.

4- Be specific. In other words, define your goals.  Setting general objectives such as “exercising more” will lead to a gray area. Quantify your goals. For instance, set your mind to exercise two times a week. This will put you in a better position to achieve your aims and measure the results.

5- Depend only on yourself. We often choose goals that depend on external factors to be achieved. The process is more likely to be delayed or incomplete if these factors slow it down. If it depends on you exclusively, on the other hand, there will be no excuses or obstacles. 


6- Be realistic. Dreaming big is great. However, staying down to earth is often necessary to avoid frustration if things get complicated. Analyze every element involved in each of your purposes in order to accomplish them. If necessary, adapt your initial objectives to more attainable ones. What matters is moving forward! 


7- Draw up a checklist. After setting and outlining your New Year’s objectives and plan of action, make a clear and concise summary. Keep it in sight so you can quickly connect with your purposes and make daily decisions based on them. 


Let yourself be inspired by focus and perseverance to attain your goals in 2021. Do not worry about unforeseen events: Supra protects you from any contingency. Would you like to include our services in your planning this year? Write to us at info@suprabrokers.com Good year and… Go for it!

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