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At Supra we love what we do every day, as independent insurance professionals. That’s why we put together this note with the reasons why you should become an insurance advisor and be your own boss.

The world can be a monotonous place, especially if you are stuck in a job you don’t like. Be careful: hitting your way is tough, but it’s worth every moment of sleep deprivation.

1. Helping People Protect Themselves From Unforeseen Contingencies

As insurance professionals, we help people protect themselves and their families through insurance products, and this is both an opportunity and a responsibility. A person may need to look after their spouse or children or face financial obligations. More often than not, both situations take place simultaneously. As insurance advisors, we can (and we do!) make a difference in the lives of our neighbors, friends, and other client.

2. Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Being an entrepreneur means that you will sometimes find yourself in uncomfortable situations. You may have to take on activities that you have never done before, or that you just do not feel like doing, such as delivering speeches, conducting seminars, or attending meetings. However, these awkward situations will contribute to your growth and help you become a better business person and human being.

3. Becoming Your Own Boss

If you are stuck in a circle of paying bills and making ends meet, giving up a monthly salary is terrifying. What if you find yourself in a situation where you cannot pay for your car loan or your phone bill? Could you live without your cable TV service? Are you ready to drink instant coffee every morning instead of stopping by Starbucks?

Being your boss is worth every risk: “Great deeds are usually wrought at great risks”.

4. Meeting Interesting People

We often see the same people every day for years and years. This is particularly the case if you live in a rural area. But now you can travel, design your schedule and meet new, fascinating people.

5. Your earning potential is unlimited when you are your own boss.

An independent clothing brand that started as a home business has become one of the largest handmade clothing companies, with more than 100 employees. No one would have thought that a project that a woman started with a dream and a sewing machine could turn into a Facebook page with more than 100k followers, and a cult. 

Work hard and you will see the reward. If you possess a special skill and can offer something that the public wants: post it, share it, publicize it. Somewhere, someone out there needs what you have to offer. All it takes is letting the world know about your existence.

6. Recognizing Your Own Value

After you start working on your own, you will achieve a better understanding of your worth. Assimilate the rewards gained for your hard work. You have built something, you have achieved something. You are worth it. In 9 to 5 jobs, employees are often underestimated, and their efforts go unnoticed. The feeling of self-fulfillment that you will experience when your hard work pays off cannot be achieved by working for someone else. 

7. Designing Your Schedule

Being your own boss means that, in addition to avoiding a monotonous life, you will be able to arrange your schedule! Why should Monday mornings be different from any other morning? Now that you are in control of your destiny, you can design your schedule.

8. You can make solid earnings by being your own boss.

While earnings for insurance advisors are highly individual and depend on a variety of factors, such as geographic location, the types of products sold, and how hard one is willing to work, motivated advisors have strong chances of making a comfortable living. Also, there are bonus opportunities for those with higher levels of productivity.

9. Helping Others When They Need It Most

When a sudden death occurs, insurance helps family members to maintain their lifestyle without facing financial problems. Similarly, if a client becomes disabled or is diagnosed with a serious illness, health insurance will help them receive the best medical care and avoid the financial and emotional stress that usually arises from these situations.

10. Everyone Needs Insurance

As more and more industries become automated, insurance advisors continue to play a key role: most clients prefer to discuss their options with an expert. The number of available means to connect with clients has never been greater (via video call, WhatsApp, and many others). Therefore, they can reach a wider audience while continuing to communicate humanly. 

Moreover, even though no industry has a guaranteed future, one where insurance is not needed or where the role of insurance advisors is eliminated is hard to imagine. Life, disability, and major medical expenses insurance is still the best option to take care of our loved ones.

Our Partners program provides the support and training you need to become an independent insurance advisor. Write to us at and we will send you an offer.

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