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Social media has become a valuable communication tool between people and businesses and a powerful decision-making influence for purchasing products and services.


The insurance market is not strange to this trend, so if you are an insurance agent without social media presence, you are likely missing out on helpful information. This article provides tips for managing your professional profiles and the tools that will lead you to a better experience with your clients.


Social platforms can be significant allies

To begin with, you must be a part of the community. Check the active social media accounts of the insurance companies you work with, and open one on the same platforms. Stay alert to the information that they share.


Stay professional

Surely your closest circle knows what you do. However, not all of your friends or followers are aware of this. If you have not done so yet, creating a professional profile might come in handy. You may use that account to share information on your services and how you can help your clients and future clients.


Stay updated

Developing varied and useful content is crucial to any digital strategy. For this reason, some insurance companies have launched specialized blogs for publishing articles, infographics, or videos. They also share this content through their social media.


Share televant and valuable content

As an insurance agent, you should periodically monitor this information, as it can provide you with tips for your daily work, industry data, updated info on trending topics, and relevant information on clients’ needs, to name a few. You may also share this information with your clients or prospective clients and stay updated on different policies and their benefits.


Customer feedback can be of great value

Customers are now using social media to share their dissatisfaction or any inconveniences they face. Even though you may not be able to solve these issues, the information may be helpful for you to learn their causes and work on solutions. It will provide extra tools when dealing with new customers and allow you to make a personal analysis if a complaint arises due to either an action or omission.


It would help if you made the most out of new technologies and the tools they offer while giving them a correct and appropriate use. Follow some of these tips to get a new perspective on managing social media communications.

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