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Glass makes up nearly 30% of the vehicle safety elements and provides up to 60% of the structural rigidity required to prevent crushing in the event of a rollover.


The windshield and side windows are also part of the airbag support. In other words, if the windows become detached during a crash or due to the pressure generated by the airbags, the bags would not have enough support, becoming very dangerous.

Car glasses also work as a barrier that keeps passengers in the vehicle during a crash or rollover.



That is why replacing the windshield is a process of vital importance to maintain the safety of the vehicle in two key aspects:

  • Allowing the bodywork to retain its structural rigidity
  • Avoiding the detachment of the safety glass

In that sense, the suppliers in charge of the replacement must comply with all procedures and have the appropriate accessories and tools to ensure that the work is correctly done.

If the windshield is broken or damaged in a way that affects the driver’s visuals, replacing it as soon as possible is highly recommended.


Hitting the road

When you plan long road trips, you should check beforehand for places where you can replace your car’s glasses.

Collisions and rollovers are not the only risks that you may face. Windshields may also crack due to an object’s impact or vibrations caused by a poorly maintained road.

Ask your Producer Advisor if your car insurance includes a network of providers in the locations you visit or pass by. Doing this will ensure that you can replace your glasses in any risky situation.


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