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Life expectancy has increased during the last decades. Coming across people in their eighties who lead active, healthy lives is no longer a surprise. In this article, we share a few tips that will help you have a great time during this stage of your life.

Recreational activities and optimism

As it was once said, “Happiness is only real when shared”. Social relationships are key to our vitality. That is why relating to other people is so important. We can do this by going on group holidays, attending workshops or classes of any kind of classes, participating in senior centers, or organizing activities with friends, family members or neighbors.  

Keep an active mind

There is evidence that proves that people with a better intellectual development will live longer and improve their mental shape. Take your time to read, listen to music, write, learn a language and any other activity to exercise your mind.


Some issues that come along with ageing cannot be avoided. Others, on the other hand, can be prevented and treated so as to avoid complications. Be a good patient: do your medical checkups, take your medication as prescribed by your doctor, and follow a healthy diet.

Keep moving

An active lifestyle keeps cardiovascular diseases away, improves our mood and enhances our mental health. Studies have shown that physical activity acts as a “protective shield” to neural function, learning, memory, and sensorimotor function.

Secure your future

Your retirement years offer plenty of possibilities. Arrange for your future with a retirement plan and save enough money so as to fully enjoy this wonderful stage of your life.