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According to The future of work 2018, a study by the World Economic Forum, during the next four years the professions related to the cloud will increase their participation in the total employee base from 16% to 27%.

The three countries leading this trend are China, the United States and India, which together account for almost 75% of these jobs in the world. Engineers, developers, and executives specialized in cloud computing―as this new category of jobs is known―are within the most in demand professions. 

In Latin America, the trend is growing at a slow but steady pace, as more and more companies are adopting cloud solutions. The insurance sector in the region is turning towards more agile and accessible models. This encourages the appearance of phenomena like the one called insurtech, which involves technology applied to the insurance business model.

According to the first global report in this trend―the World Insurtech Report, prepared by the consulting firms Capgemini and Efma―, chatbots and virtual assistants’ roles in the field have become of great importance and continue to grow. 

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