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There is no doubt that we inhabit a digital world and the healthy use of technology has become essential. And while technology has greatly improved our quality of life, with innovations in health, urban planning or transportation for example, it can also affect us if we do not make proper use of it.

Today in Quality of Life, we reflect on how we link with virtuality and what to take into account to do it in a healthy way.

Today, in Lifestyle, we reflect on how we interact with the online world and what we should bear in mind to do it in a healthy way. 


Be Aware of Your Habits

How many times did you find yourself scrolling absentmindedly through social media? These platforms may induce us to spend hours on them without a specific purpose. Most smartphones can keep track of how long you spend online. Start by assessing your screen time and try to reduce it and keep it to the minimum needed.


Take a Separate Moment for Each Task

We have become used to a quite unproductive multitasking. We watch TV while we are eating, check social media when we are working, and navigate YouTube as we wait for our doctor’s appointment. To achieve a healthier use, take on one activity at a time, and see how your concentration for your daily tasks improves.  


Learn to Disconnect

Take advantage of smartphone features such as Do not Disturb or Focus modes to avoid distractions while working. You will find out soon that you are not missing much. Take some time to go for a stroll, take fresh air, read a book, or any other activity that can keep you offline for some time. Avoiding screens an hour before bedtime will improve the quality of your sleep. 


Turn Off Your Notifications

Smartphones and apps are designed to boost the frequency of their use. That is why we are constantly getting messages and reminders that are not necessary and even useless. Through your phone’s Settings, deactivate notifications for as many apps as you can, keeping just the ones you need, such as WhatsApp or Gmail, for instance. Soon you will notice a change in how you interact with your smartphone. 


It is clear that the digital world is a door that can lead to more job opportunities, new scenarios to social relationships and countless learning possibilities. To make this happen, keep these tips in mind and make a healthy use that helps you maximize opportunities and minimize the risks.

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