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Even though we have been incorporating technology into our lives for some years already, the pandemic has accelerated this process. Due to Covid-19 lockdowns, consultants, businesses, medical care, and even education had to turn to and rely on digital platforms. However, providing personal data makes many people feel exposed and unsafe. Therefore, in this edition of Supra World, we advise you with a guide to protecting your personal information online.

  1. Pay attention to where you browse: Check that you are on the right website and avoid clicking on suspicious banners or advertisements.
  2. Do not provide important information: Some sites may require your name, e-mail address, date of birth, or other data to perform simple tasks. That is normal and allows them to get to know their audience. Never supply your passwords, credit card number –unless it is a shopping platform– or other sensitive information.
  3. Beware of phishing scams! They are cheating techniques where scammers impersonate a trusted person, company, or service to ask for money or information. Official accounts communicate through official channels and will not ask for data.
  4. Keep your antivirus software up to date: This is usually underestimated, but it will keep you safe from pop-ups or strange actions.
  5. Remember to log out: Even when browsing on your personal computer, experts recommend logging out of social networks and shopping platforms for greater security.
  6. Use different and updated passwords: Periodically changing passwords is as important as avoiding to use the same one to different sites or to include easily available data, such as your phone number or home address.
  7. Make sure the WiFi network is safe: Connect to secure and known networks and avoid using public WiFi networks to conduct sensitive transactions.
  8. Stay focused: Many scams and mistakes take place because the user is distracted or did not read the information carefully. Take the time necessary to carry out transactions that involve sensitive data.

The digitalization of processes, services, and purchasing has come to stay. Staying out of the system for fear of browsing the Internet is no longer an option. Take this advice into account to protecting your personal information online and you will be able to safely perform infinite activities –which will make your life easier. 

Supra works with state of the art technology, ensuring the safety of our customers, agents, and their data while providing efficient, effective, and high-quality attention. Do you want to learn more about our services? Write to us at info@suprabrokers.com.

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