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Covid 19 generated worldwide restrictions on pandemic businesses. The limitation on mobility and the sudden switch to massive home-office working are putting our technological abilities and attention capacity under scrutiny. In the case of insurance agents, a strong bond with clients of great importance when it comes to closing a deal. This scenario forced agents to consider new communication strategies. 

In Supra Answers, some possible strategies are proposed that could help you overcome this crucial moment and turn the crisis into an opportunity to expand your business. 

Strengthen the relationship with your clients

In a moment of uncertainty, your policyholders should know that you keep on working to provide them with the best service. A satisfied client generates future business and works as the best publicity to attract potential clients. 

Keep your finances in order

When your income varies according to your sales, organizing your finances is often difficult.  

Keeping track of expenses will help you to manage your money better, and to know the amount of money that you need per month and how much you should work to obtain it.

Diversify your product portfolio

At Supra, you may add new options to offer to your clients and increase your sales. Knowing the needs and expectations of your existing clients, you will be able to provide them with complete coverage. But diversifying your product portfolio will also attract a new audience that could be looking for your newest options. 

Maintain a strong social media presence

The pandemic has reinforced an already pronounced tendency towards taking advantage of the reach of the cyberspace to generate business. If you want to thrive on social media, spend some time thinking about who you are aiming at, generating content that is of interest to your audience, and creating your brand as an insurance agent. In this way, you will get new clients while obtaining new tools for your professional growth. 

The challenge seems enormous, but now is not the time to take a break. Keep these useful tips in mind and expand your possibilities as an insurance agent. 

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