Taking into account the evolution of the pandemic, many economic sectors are gradually trying to return to the activity level they had before Covid-19 hit the world and took it through lockdowns and social isolation. However, several changes had to be made, such as adopting the sanitary measures needed to accomplish a safe return. Today in Supra World, we tell you how hotels, one of the activities that were hardest hit, are getting ready to regain the trust of tourists.


The Tourists’ Concerns

To protect their health, people have modified their habits. Everyday activities, like working or going grocery shopping, have been modified due to the pandemic. Routines have been altered even at home, and no one goes out without hand sanitizer. This will predictably reflect on what travelers will seek when planning a vacation, therefore creating a new way of being a tourist.   


Safe Check-in

Before entering your hotel, you will have to sanitize your hands, step on a sanitizing mat to disinfect your shoes and have your body temperature taken. In addition, your luggage may be sanitized as well. Keeping social distance and wearing a face mask will be required, and biosecurity kits will be provided. 


A Shift Towards Technology

Even though this was an ongoing trend in most establishments, the circulation of the coronavirus is pushing the use of technology in all areas to reduce close contact between people. Check-in will be done completely online; relevant information will be delivered through QR codes, and specific apps will be developed for different services.


Minimalist Rooms

To avoid sources of contamination, hotels have decided that elements such as minibars, coffee makers, mugs and other extras will not be available in the rooms. Other services, like hair dryers or irons, will be provided by request to the staff. In addition, food courts will not be opened, offering takeaway as an alternative.


These issues will be a part of the “new normal” of travel. Learn about them and take health safety measures on a personal level, but do not panic. When traveling either for pleasure or work, taking out International Health Insurance is essential to stay safe wherever you are if any unforeseen medical event should take place. Supra offers the best insurance products in the market, write to us and get a tailored plan.

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