Our insurance plans offer comprehensive coverage of risks that may affect your household, its content and everyone living in it.


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Home insurance provides comprehensive coverage against risks such as fire and damage by natural causes that may affect the family household and its furniture, as well as the risk of robbery or theft of furniture and damage caused to electrical household appliances, glass breakage, expenses arising out of removal of debris, water damage as a result of pipes breaks and liability to civil action by third parties, among other risks.
As a tenant, you can hire any of our insurance plans. In case of damage, reimbursement shall be paid to the title holder of the asset.
It depends on the type of accident or loss. If you suffered a theft, you must file a police complaint and inform the insurance company immediately.
The insurance company is obliged to cover the loss in case of an accident as from the moment the policyholder makes the first payment. The insurance company is not obliged to reimburse the policyholder in case the loss occurs before the effective date of the policy.
You must give notice to the insurance company within 72 hours of the event. You must file an administrative claim stating the details of the event, and if any third parties are involved, your personal information is requested, as well details of your insurance and injuries or material damage caused as a result of the incident.

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