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Holidays, meetings, Christmas and New Year’s Eve make December an important time to plan your personal finances. Today, in My Finances, we give you 5 tips for smart holiday shopping. Here we go!

1. Set Your Budget

The first step to a good purchase consists in knowing how much money you can spend on gifts. Do the math, set your limit, and keep an estimate of the amount you want to spend for each person to avoid running out of money before buying every gift. Apps like Fintonic can help you organize your money and stay focused on your goal.

2. Plan Ahead

There are many benefits to avoiding holiday shopping rush. Do not put this task off or speculate about prices. You will save time and find a much broader range of products.

3. Make Good Use of Deals and Rebates

Having some extra time will allow you to find better prices and financing options. The amount saved will often be small, but a good opportunity can make a huge difference in your budget.

4. Compare Prices

If you found the perfect gift but it seems to be too expensive or is out of your budget, take a look at different shops or e-shops. You will probably find a cheaper option. Mercado Libre is an ideal platform to carry out this search.

5. Remember What It Is All About
This year has been challenging, with ups and downs and a great deal of uncertainty. Do not get stressed out because you cannot buy what you want. Giving gifts is a tradition and a beautiful gesture, but bear in mind the essence of these days: enjoying with our loved ones and looking forward to a New Year filled with hope and renewed goals.

The end of the year is as an opportunity to organize your finances and consider strong savings tools, that’s why we brought you 5 tips for smart holiday shopping. At Supra, the best advisors will put together a plan that suits you perfectly. To learn more, write to us at

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